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Are you intimidated by writing the essay part of a WSET exam? It's tough and one of the main reasons why people don't pass the Level 3 in Wines exam. We're here to help!


Allison Sheardy, DipWSET and Master of Wine candidate, will take you through exam strategies on how to structure your answers and what to focus on in a 1-hour online call. She will also give you some practice questions and grade them so you can assess your progress.


*During your call with Allison, you’ll review the structure of the theory exam and the time allotted.

*You’ll cover identifying the action verb in the question—these commonly include "discuss," "explain," "evaluate," and "compare and contrast." This helps understand how to tackle the question.

*You’ll go over how to outline your answer to stay on track. WSET is not looking for a brain dump of everything you know on a certain topic; the best essays include an element of analysis. You’ll create outlines for several questions pulled from past exams. Being able to quickly interpret the question and come up with a plan will save you a lot of time and anxiety in the exam.

*There will be time for questions at the end.

*Finally, students will be assigned a mock essay and have the opportunity to email their outlines and essays for individual feedback.


Level 3 is all about understanding the "why" and how the decisions made in the vineyard and winemaking are related to the quality, style, and price of the wine.

Things to think about when connecting factors to final style:

-Natural factors in the vineyard (climate, latitude, altitude, water, soil, etc.).
-Human factors in the vineyard (managing the vine and maintaining hazards and pests, etc.).
-Human factors in the winery (winemaking, blending, aging, packaging, etc.).

Allison will bring all this into your time with her so that you will be much more prepared at exam time.

Essay Guidance for WSET Wine Exams (Level 3)

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