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Lab Notes


Wine Bootcamp?

Wine Pro 2019, starts September 7th! Would you like to know more about wine? Are you unsure where to start? A comprehensive course may be for you. Some of us want to enhance our knowledge and like the atmosphere of a classroom. In 14 weeks (one semester), you can earn your Wine Professional Certificate at Saint Paul College. This certification, a part of the Culinary Arts program has been in place since 2005. This course is only offered in the fall, Saturdays, from 10-3, beginning early September.

What is taught? Sensory evaluation of wine, food and wine pairing, professional wine service, wine marketing and all that goes along with learning about the major wine growing regions of the world.

You will have some serious wine chops when you are finished with this college level 9 credit course. Impressive indeed! for more information please email me at

Cheers! Nikki


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