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Lab Notes


It has been a while...

Hello fellow wine enthusiasts! It has been a while since I wrote a blog post. I will try to be more regular in posting and get my colleagues to do the same.

I wanted to write about how to immerse yourself into wine. Those that want to get educated just to be better enthusiasts are the lucky ones! There is no right or wrong way. How do you learn best? In a classroom? Self study? Exploring? I learn best when I use a combination of them all.

What if you want to get a job in the industry? What if you are in the industry and find you need a bit more knowledge? I think certifications that keep you on track work well. Of course I highly recommend WSET! registration for WSET Level 1 and 2 starting soon! #wineeducation #winecertification #vinelabwine #neverstoplearning

See you in class! Happy holidays, Nikki


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