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Job alert: Vineyard Assistant

Plocher Vines in Hugo Minnesota is looking for a Vineyard assistant, part time.

Starting in April, a wide range of tasks are performed to maintain the vineyards. These include, trellis repair, weed control, disease control, mowing, green pruning, removing vines and planting vines, and applying and removing bird netting. This job involves assisting in these tasks. Previous vineyard experience is desirable. However, we are also willing to train these skills.

The position will provide an opportunity for the successful applicant to learn vineyard management from an expert with 40 years of cold climate viticulture experience.

Plocher-Vnes LLC is a small business that develops, through breeding, new wine grape varieties for the challenges of cold climates and climate change. Since beginning our breeding work in the early 1990's, we have been successful in developing a series of industry-leading grapes for red wine production-Petite Pearl, Crimson Pearl, and Verona. Our work continues with a focus on overcoming the new challenges that climate change presents to northern viticulture by breeding resistant grapes.


Thomas A. Plocher


9040 152ND ST N, HUGO, MN 55038





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