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Lab Notes


Vine Lab Wine at The Vine Room

We are pretty excited to have our WSET Level 2 exam at The Vine Room tomorrow.

For so many reasons! First, Ali, Shar, Leah and Tommy are all graduates of another program I teach at Saint Paul College, an intensive 14 week course called the Wine Professional Certificate. In that course the student learns about the business side of wine and has to come up with and use a theoretical restaurant or wine bar for several activities. Ali already had her plans for The Vine Room, so I got a sneak peak back in the development phase of her wine bar.

The concept is fresh California, beach, sun, yoga, 'New California Wine'. This concept was developed when Ali and husband Drew lived in California, I love that they brought a piece back with them!

It's been a crazy year indeed opening last year with rave reviews but then came covid and the terrible death of Goerge Floyd. It's hard to imagine having the strength. But Ali and Drew turned on a dime, offering wine games, charcuterie boards & wine to go. This pair is dynamic, innovative and unstoppable. The Vine Room is always giving to a charity, so every time you order that glass you are giving to their charity du jour.

Guess what? They just gave birth to a retail store, The Vine Shop. Next door, almost serendipitously the Fantastic Sam's closed and although it's not the perfect time to open a business, it actually was. The stars were aligned and now Ali and Drew have fully realized their dreams.

I am so joyful to see a couple so passionate and knowledgeable, the true keys to success!

We wish Ali, Drew, Leah and the other 9 students good luck on their exam tomorrow.

I will see the rest of you readers, shopping at The Vine Shop and sipping on a glass at The Vine Room in downtown Hopkins.

Namaste, Cheers!



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