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Lab Notes


Want to get there faster?

I know a lot of people that work in the wine & spirits industry who are anti-certification. They learned by immersion, tasting, talking about and traveling. That's great but in a Covid world, it's a little bit more challenging, not to mention it takes a long time to get that knowledge.

So what can you do? Certifications can get you there faster! Sign up today for WSET level 1 and 2, knock them both out in one month and then get ready for the Spanish Wine Scholar 2+ month course in January!

You will be ahead in a short time.

What if it isn't your goal to work in the wine & spirits industry? Enthusiasts benefit greatly too! You will gain knowledge, confidence, food & wine pairing skills and not be intimidated by wine lists or liquor stores anymore!

October and November courses are almost full so sign up today!

Cheers, Vine Lab Wine & Spirits Academy



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