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Lab Notes


What's in your glass for the holidays?

What we are drinking...Stuck on Bourgogne, Champagne Riesling and Rhone wines for the holidays.

*Bourgogne (French Pinot Noir) has so many flavors that go with the holidays, cranberry, pomegranate, vanilla, cherry, some have spiced notes or smokey tones.

*Champagne, when I celebrate, there is nothing better than a true aged Champagne with notes of brioche ginger and lemon curd.

*Côtes du Rhone Villages, with ripe berry berry flavors with hints of provencal herbs.

*German Dry Riesling, notes of jasmine, green apple lime and beeswax.

Whatever you are drinking, Vine Lab Wine & Spirits Academy wishes you the very best holiday! See you in the new year! Nikki, Lisa, Karina, Staci and Lauren.



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